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 Autumn Leaves Tag

This tutorial is written for Paint Shop Pro 8, but has some supplementary instructions for Paint Shop Pro 7.

You will need to download my gradient HERE.  Save it to your PSP gradients folder.

The font I have used is called Black Chancery

You will also need the image below to use as a mask.  Right click on it and save it to your hard drive and then open it in Paint Shop Pro.

Create a new image 300 x 250 pixels, transparent, raster


Click on the Flood Fill Tool

on the Materials/Color Pallet, Set the foreground material to Gradient.  Click on the foreground gradient block to make the following settings:

Gradient = autumn_moods-JH
Style = Radial
Centre Point - Horizontal = 50
Centre Point - Vertical = 100
Angle = 0
Repeats = 2

Click on the canvas to fill it with the gradient.


Effects menu, Distortion Effects, Twirl

Degrees = 120


Layers menu, New Raster Layer

On the Layer Pallet, make sure you have the top layer selected (it should be by default)

On the Materials pallet, set the foreground material to Solid color, and set the color to Black.

Click on the canvas to fill it with Black.

PSP 7 - Masks, New, From Image

PSP 8/9 - Layers menu, New Mask Layer, From Image

Click on the pull down list, and select "maple_leaves_mask.jpg"
Create Mask From = Source Luminance 
Invert mask data = ticked




Layers, Merge, Merge All (Flatten)

PSP 7 only  - set the background color to any shade of Blue.

Image menu, Add Borders

Set the colour to Blue (any shade)
Pixels = 6
Symmetric = ticked


Click on the Magic Wand tool

Mode = Replace
Match Mode = RGB Value
Tolerance = 0

Click on the Blue border to select it.

Click on the Flood Fill tool

On the materials pallet, set the foreground color to a gold from the image. (I've used #DFB96D)

Click on the blue border to fill it with gold (keep it selected)

Effects menu, 3D Effects, Inner Bevel

Bevel Shape 2 (quarter circle)
Width = 3
Smoothness = 0
Depth = 3
Ambience = 0
Shininess = 0
Color = White
Angle = 315
Intensity  = 50
Elevation = 30

Selections menu, Select None

As you can see, the top/left edges of the frame get lost on a white background, the next so we will add a thin border.

PSP 7 - on the colour pallet, switch your colors around so that your gold is the background color.

Image, Add Border - Right Click on the color block and select the gold you used to fill the frame.  

Width = 1
Symmetric = ticked


Layers menu, New Vector Layer

Click on the Text tool

One the materials pallet, the foreground colour should still be set to the gold you used for the border, but if it has changed, select a gold from the image again. (PSP 7 - switch the gold back to the foreground color)

Set the background material/color to Null

Click on the centre of image to add text, and type Happy Autumn in the text box.

Create As = Vector
Font = Starnberg (or whatever font you want to use)
Size = 36
Line Width = 2
Alignment = Centre
Line Style = Solid
Anti-Alias = ticked (set to smooth on PSP 9)




Click on the Object Selector tool
(this is the picker tool on PSP Photo XI)

Use this tool to rotate and position the text.

Use the handle on the end of the line coming from the centre to rotate the text so it is diagonal from corner to corner, and drag the centre spot to move the text if necessary.

Click on the text tool again, and add your name using the same settings as before.  I used size 72 for my name because it is so short - but use whatever size seems a good fit. You can stretch, or squeeze the text to get the exact size you want.


Layers menu, Convert To Raster Layer

Effects menu, 3D Effects, Drop Shadow.

Horizontal = 1
Vertical = 1
Opacity = 80
Blur = 3
Color = black


Layers, Merge, Merge All (Flatten)

Save as a .jpg file.