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Faded Background

This is a tip for creating a faded effect on an image - it should be possible in any version of Paint Shop Pro (PSP), but the screen shots used here are from PSP 8.

If you want to use my rose tube, you can download it HERE (tube is in PSP 8 format). Just save it directly to your tubes folder (no need to unzip it first)

Create a New Image 350 x 350, Raster, White Background


Layers menu, New Raster Layer

Click on the Tube tool and select he tube you want to use.

Click on the canvas to place the tube where you want it.


Now we need to make sure your Layers Pallet is visible...If you can't see it, goto the View menu, Pallets and make sure it is on (or toggle it on/off a few times so you can see where it is hiding). 

It should look something like this:


Or, it may be switched on but minimized like this:

In which case you need to click on the 2 overlapping boxes that you can see in that row of 3 small button at the right hand end of the bar.

You need to be able to see the fill width of the area with 100 on it - there should be an hour glass shaped pointer visible at the far end.   If the Pallet is not wide enough, drag its left hand edge over (further to the left) to make it wide enough.


Now, to fade your tube into the white background, just slide the Opacity, with the slider in that area where the 100 is along until it says about 20 instead of 100.


How much you decrease the opacity to is up to you - my tube is fairly pale to start with, so much less than 20 and it would be too faint to see, but you will need to experiment with what works best for different tubes.

Finally - merge the layers (Layers menu, Merge, Merge All (Flatten) and then use your background in whatever way you want.