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Flower Tubes

This page contains tubes for Paint Shop Pro (PSP) which are flowers, leaves, trees and garden items. Some have been made from public domain photos, some from my own photos and others are my own original mouse drawn designs. 

The pastel flowers tube is a tube brush which you use in a continuous motion to "paint" flowers at random angles.   Please save this tube directly to your tubes folder and use them from there (they do not need to be unzipped).  You should NOT try to open them in PSP and export them - you will lose the settings which make them work properly if you do that.

If you have Paint Shop Pro version 6 or 7 you can still use my Paint Shop Pro 8 tubes by renaming the files after you have saved them, changing the .PspImage to .tub 

All tubes are on transparent background.

tube thumbnail - blue anenomie

Blue Anenomie

tube thumbnail - pink rose

Pink Rose

tube thumbnail - orange dahlia

Orange Dahlia

tube thumbnail - orchid


tube thumbnail - pink dahlias

Pink Dahlia

tube thumbnail - japanese anenomie

Japanese Anenomie

tube thumbnail - red dahlia

Red Dahlia

tube thumbnail - red dahlias

Red Dahlias

tube thumbnails - fuchsia flowers


tube thumbnail - rose with leaves

Pink Rose

tube thumbnail - water lilley

Water Lilley

tube thumbnail - purple daisy

Purple Daisy

tube thumbnail - cream rose

Cream Rose

tube thumbnail - daffodil


tube thumbnail - standard bush or tree

Standard Tree

tube thumbnail - standard bush with flowers

Standard Tree with flowers

tube thumbnail - wooden planter

Wooden Planter

tube propeties - hanging basket

Hanging Basket

tube thumbnail - red rose

Red Rose

tube thumbnail - fantasy flowers

Fantasy Flowers

tube thumbnails - pale daisy

Pale Daisy

tube thumbnail - dark red flower

Dark Red Flower

tube thumbnail - light red flower

Light Red Flower

tube thumbnail - pink flower

Pink Flower

tube thumbnail - purple flower

Purple Flower

tube thumbnail - yellow flower

Yellow Flower

tube thumbnail - flowers


tube thumbnail - forget me nots

Forget Me Nots

tube thumbnail - red leaves

Red Leaves

tube thumbnails - lotus blossom

Lotus Blossom

tube thumbnail - pastel flowers

Pastel Flowers Tube Brush

tube thumbnail - pink flowers

Pink Flowers

tube thumbnail - purple flowers

Purple Flowers

tube thumbnail - yellow flowers

Yellow Flowers

tube thumbnails - silk daisies

Silk Daisies

tube thumbnail - tree blossom

Tree Blossom 

tube thumbnails - tree blossom

Tree Blossom

tube thumbnails - leaf


White Flowers

Pearl Flower

Pearl Flower 2

Pearl Flower 3

Pearl Flower 4

Flower Pink

Click images to download individual files - Save them directly to your PSP Tubes folder 
(no need to extract first)