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Animated Gold Star

This tutorial is written for PSP 8, but it is possible to create this tag in any version so long as you are familiar with creating text and vector shapes in whatever version you are using.  Sample images have been resized to 75%.

You can download my Autumn Gold gradient HERE

Save the gradient file to a temporary location.  In PSP, go into your materials pallet, on the gradients tab. Click Edit and then click Import.  Locate the gradient file, highlight it and then click Import. This will convert the file I have supplied to work with whatever version of PSP you have.

Create a new image 300 x 300, white background, raster.


Layers menu, New Vector Layer

Click on the Text tool

Set up your materials pallet with the foreground colour set to #DDD992, solid colour, and the background material set to the autumn_gold-JH gradient.

The options for the gradient are as follows:

Gradient =  autume_gold-JH
Style = Linear
Rotation = 45
Repeats = 3


Click in the lower, center area of the canvas to create your text.  Use a Stroke Width setting of 1.  Use whatever font and size you like.

Click on the Object Selector tool (Picker tool in PSP Photo XI)

Objects menu, Align, Horz. Centre In Canvas


Layers menu, Convert To Raster Layer

Effects menu, 3D Effects, Drop Shadow

Horizontal = 2
Vertical = 2
Opacity = 50
Blur = 4
Shadow Color = #400000

Layers menu, Merge, Merge All (Flatten)


Layers menu, New Vector Layer

Click on the Preset Shape Tool, select a star from the drop down list, and set the stroke width to 1

On the materials pallet, change the number of repeats for the gold gradient to 9.

Drag diagonally with the mouse to draw a star above the text.

Click on the Object Selector Tool

Objects menu, Align, Horz. Centre in Canvas.

Click on the Object Selector Tool (Picker tool in PSP Photo XI).


Layers menu, Duplicate Layer

On the layer pallet, click the + sign next to both of the vector layers.


Click on the shape line (Star 3 on mine) of the top vector layer.

Objects menu, Properties.

Click the block for the Fill material in the properties window, and change the angle of the gradient to 135.


Save the image either in PSP 7 format or in Animation format (if you have PSP V8.1 or higher).... as follows:

Click File menu, Save As

Enter a new name for the image and then click the arrow against the "Save File As Type" box underneath the file name. 

From the pull down list choose Paint Shop Pro Image. 

Open Animation Shop.

In Animation Shop, go to File, Preferences, General Program Preferences and click on the tab for Layered Files.  Select the 4th option for Opening Layerd Files - Each frame shows first and current layers.


Open the image you saved.

You should see the first frame with just the text on a white background - press the Del key on your keyboard to delete this frame.  That should leave you with 2 frames, both containing the star and the text.

All you have to do now is save the file in Animation Shop (as a .gif)