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Paper Cut-Out

Tutorial written for PSP 8, but can be done in versions 7 or 9 if you are familiar with them.  Some items may be on different menus.  No additional (Plugin) filters are required.

You will need my textures and pre-set shapes. PSP 8/9 users can unzip the files to the appropriate folders in their My Documents\Paint Shop Pro folder.  PSP 7 users may already have suitable preset shapes installed, but it you don't have heart and teardrop shapes then you can use the ones I provide.


PSP 8/9 Shapes

PSP 7 Shapes

PSP 7 users should create a new folder for the textures, and unzip the files to it. Then in PSP, goto Files, Preferences, File Locations, and click the Textures tab.  Click on the Browse button on a blank line and find the folder you unzipped my textures to. Untick the "Use this folder" box for all other folders.  This will make it easy to locate the textures for this tutorial - you can turn the other folders back on afterwards.

PSP 7 users, Unzip the preset shapes to the  C:\Program Files\Jasc Software Inc\Paint Shop Pro 7\Shapes folder.  


Create a New Image 250 x 300, white background, raster.

Layers menu, New Raster Layer


Selections menu, Select All

Selections menu, Modify, Contract     15 pixels

Click on the Flood Fill tool

On the materials pallet, set the foreground colour to whatever colour you'd like your paper to be (I used a pale purple).  Make sure the it is set to Solid color.

Click on the selection to fill it with color.


Selections menu, Select None

Effects menu, Distortion Effects, Wave

PSP 8 settings:
Horizontal displacement - Amplitude = 1, Wavelength = 10
Vertical displacement - Amplitude = 1, Wavelength = 10
Edge Mode = Transparent

PSP 7 settings:
Horizontal displacement - Amplitude = 2, Wavelength = 25
Vertical displacement - Amplitude = 2, Wavelength = 25

You may want to experiment with the settings for the wave effect to get an effect you like.


example of PSP 8 effect
Effects menu, Texture Effects, Texture

On the presets list, select Default (this will set most of the settings for you).

Select a texture from the pull down list (mine are jh1 to jh9)

Set the Scale to get an effect you like.  I used jh3 at 50% scale.  (PSP 7 doesn't show the names of  the texture files - experiment until you find something you like)


Effects menu, 3D Effects, Drop Shadow

Horizontal = 2
Vertical = 2
Opacity = 40
Blur = 5
Color = Black


Layers menu, New Vector Layer

Click on the Preset Shape tool

Choose a heart or flower shape (or whatever you want to use) from the pull down list.

Set the background material (color)  to a solid color.  It doesn't matter what color.

Make sure Create As is set to Vector.

Drag diagonally to draw shapes.   The sizes and positions don't have to be exact.  Create whatever arrangement of shapes you want.


Click on the Object Selector Tool  
(In PSP Photo XI use the Picker tool).

Click on each of your shapes in turn and adjust its size (using the handles on the corners), its position (by dragging the center spot) and rotation (by dragging the long handle round).

If any of the objects rotation handles are over the edge of the image, stretch the sides of the image window to be able to see the end of them and drag them round.


When you are happy with the layout of your shapes:

Hold down the SHIFT key (not Caps Lock) while clicking on each of the shapes in turn.  The selection frame should extend as you click each one, until it is around all of your shapes.


Selections menu, From Vector Object - you should see marching ants around all your shapes.


On the Layer Pallet, delete the Vector Layer (top layer)


Effects menu, 3D Effects, Cut Out

Horizontal = 2
Vertical = 2
Opacity = 40
Blur = 4

Selections menu, Select None.


Layers, New Vector Layer

Click on the Text Tool.  If you need more detailed instructions for adding text than given here, please look at my beginners vector tutorial for PSP 8 HERE and PSP 7 HERE

Set your background color to something which will contrast well with your paper color, solid color.  I've used a dark purple.

Set your foreground color to Null

Click on the image to add your text.   I do each line of text as a separate item, so that I can adjust the spacing between lines and horizontal alignment manually. 

I've used Scriptina font in sizes 72 and 36






Layers menu, Merge, Merge All (Flatten)

Save in .jpg format.

Ideas for variations: - Use a dingbat font to create your shapes, use a mask to create an uneven edge instead of the wave effect.  You could use it as a frame, by placing images on layers behind the paper - they will show through the holes.