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 Magic Wand and Flood Fill In PSP 8/9

Right click and save the above picture to your computer.

Open the picture in Paint Shop Pro

Click on the Magic Wand tool:

Click the arrow to open out the Selection Tools on the Tool pallet.  Select the Magic Wand from the list that pops out.

On the Tool Options, set the Mode to Replace, the Match Mode to RGB Value, the Tolerance to 20 and Feather to 0. Anti-Alias should be ticked and the pull down list next to it set to Outside.  

Note:  On PSP Photo XI "Sample merged" has been renamed "use all layers" and there is an additional "Contiguous" option to select only adjacent pixels or to include detached areas as well.

With the magic Wand, click on an area of the picture you want to fill with a colour.  If you want to fill more than one area with the same color, hold down the SHIFT key on the keyboard while you click on the additional areas.  You should see "marching ants" around the areas you have selected.

Now click on the Flood Fill tool

On the Tool Options, make sure the Match Mode is set to None, the Blend Mode is Normal and the Opacity is 100.

On the materials pallet, set the Foreground color to the color you want to use.

Click on one of the selected areas.  All the selected areas should be filled with color.

Click the magic wand tool and select different areas, change the foreground color and use the Flood Fill tool to fill them.   Continue alternating between selecting and filling until all of the butterfly is colored in.

This is how mine came out.  You can use whatever colors you prefer.

When you have finished, Click the Selections menu, Select None.

Save as a .jpg file.