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Ribbon Weave Text

This tutorial is written for Paint Shop Pro 8, but you can do it in other version if you are familiar with creating text with them.

The font I have used is "Cooper Black", but this technique will work with any chunky font.

You will also need my bow tube HERE

We need to create our ribbon fill pattern first....

Create a new image 200 x 200, raster, white background

Set up the materials pallet so that your foreground colour is a dark shade of the colour you want your ribbon to be. Keep a note of the Hue (H) and Saturation (S) values for the color you choose, we will need them later.  This colour will also be used for the outline of the text. 

Clear and tick the "All Tools" box on the materials pallet (on PSP 7 this is "Lock")


Effects menu, Texture Effects, Weave

Gap Size = 2
Width = 18
Opacity = 100
Color = Right click and select
              the foreground color
Gap Color = Black
Fill Gaps = ticked

Minimize this image (DON'T close it)


Create a new Image 500 x 300, Raster, Transparent

Layers menu, new Vector Layer

Click on the Text tool.

The foreground colour should still be set the the blue you used to make the weave pattern.

Set the background material to pattern.  Click the material block to set the pattern options as follows:

Click the arrow next to the pattern to choose one, scroll to the top of the list and select "Image 1" (your weave pattern).

Angle = 45
Scale = 100

Click on the centre of the canvas with the text tool, type in your name, and then highlight the text in the text entry box. Set the text options as follows:


Font = Cooper Black (or whatever chunky font you are using.

Size = 72
Stroke width = 2

Anti-Alias = ticked or set to smooth for PSP 9/10

Alignment = Centre (you may need to expand the options pallet to find this setting.

Line Syle = Solid Line

Kerning = Auto

Notes:  In PSP 7 these settings are in the text creation window.  In later versions thy are on the tool option pallet along the top of the work area.

When you are happy with the settings, click Apply.

Click on the Object Selector Tool (Picker tool in PSP Photo XI), and use it to stretch your text so it fills half the height of the canvas and move the text to the top of the canvas.


Layers menu, new Raster Layer

Click on the Tube tool

Select the bow tube (it looks grey now but it's not going to stay that way).

On the tool options pallet, set the scale to 80

Click in the centre of the canvas to place the tube

Click on the Deformation tool and drag the bow into position  just below the text (by dragging the centre spot).


Adjust menu, Hue and Saturation, Colorise

Use the Hue and Saturation values for your foreground color which you noted down earlier.

Crop to remove the surplus canvas area and merge your layers.

Save as a .jpg or optimize as a .gif on transparent background if you know how.