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Rose Weave Tag

I've used this tube - click the image to download it.


Right click on this image and save it to your hard drive, then open it in PSP (we will be using it as a mask later)

Create a new image 300 x 300 pixels, white background

Layers, New Raster Layer

Click on the Flood Fill tool

Set your foreground material to Gradient and select the Foreground-Background option - Style = linear, Repeats = 5, Angle 45.

Set the foreground colour to a beige (I used #BA9A7E) and the background colour to cream (I used #F6ECD4)

Fill the layer with the foreground material (the gradient)

Effects, Texture Effects, Weave

Gap Size = 20, Width = 8, Opacity = 50, Weave Colour = #5C483A (dark brown), Gap Colour = Red, Fill Gaps = ticked.

Magic Wand

Mode = Replace
Match Mode = RGB Value 
Tolerance = 0

Click on one of the red squares

Selections, Modify, Select Colour Range: - 

Tolerance = 1, Softness = 0, Click on the Reference Colour block and set it to the same colour red as you used for the weave gap color, Add Color Range selected.   (PSP 7 use "Select Similar" option instead of Select Colour Range)

You should have all the red squares selected.

Edit, Clear (or press Del on the keyboard)

Selections, Select None

PSP 8:  Layers menu, New Mask Layer, From Image, Choose the corner_mask image from the pull down list, Source Luminance selected

PSP 7: Masks, New, From Image, Choose the corner_mask image from the pull down list, Source Luminance selected

On your layer pallet, click on the top layer.

Layers, New Raster Layer

Tube tool, select the cream rose tube, set the scale to 65.   Click on the center of your image.

Colorise the tube - Hue = 23, Saturation = 60  (PSP 8 - Adjust, Hue & Saturation, Colorise.  PSP 7 - Colours, Colorise.)

Layers, Duplicate

On the lower of the two layers with the rose tube, Adjust Blur, Gausian Blur - Radius = 18
(PSP 7 - Effects, Blur, Gausian Blur)

Turn off the visibility for all layers except for the 2 with the rose tube (they are the top 2)

Right click on one of the 2 top layers, Layers, Merge, Merge Visible

Turn the lower layers back on.

Click on the Mover Tool, select the "merged" layer on the layer pallet and move your rose into position, just inside the top left corner of the weave pattern. (so that there is space for your name below it).

Layers, Merge, Merge All

Text Tool - set the background to Foreground-Background gradient and the foreground to solid colour.  Add your text with Stroke Width set to 1.  I've used a font called Renaissance at size 72.

If you've created your text as Vector, convert the layer to Raster (Layers, Convert To Raster)

Effects, 3D Effects, Drop Shadow - Horizontal=2, Vertical=2, Opacity=50, Blur=5, Colour=Black.

Layers, Merge, Merge All

Save as .jpg file.