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Super Blade Pro

with Presets

Super Blade Pro is often used with text or dingbats to create metallic or gel effects.   

Both the pieces of text above were created using the same Super Blade Pro (SBP) preset, but with different colored text to start with.  The one on the left is applied to text with a gold gradient fill, and the one on the right the text had a red fill.

You will need the Super Blade Pro filter, which you can download from Flaming Pear HERE as a free (time limited) trial.

The font I used is called Gregorian, you can download it HERE or use any chunky font.

Download my SBP preset HERE

Save the zip file to a temporary location.   There are 3 files in the zip.  They all need to be unzipped to the same folder.  You can put them in your SBP Environments and Textures folder, but it doesn't matter which folder so long as all the files are in the same place and you know where you have put them.

The 3 files are the preset file, which ends in .q5q and 2 .bmp files.

Now, to create the text we are going to apply the SBP effect to...even if you already know how to create text, please follow these instructions, as its important that the text is "selected" before we try to apply the SBP effect.


Open the image you want to add text to, or create a new image 400 x 300, raster, white background.

Layers menu, New Vector Layer

Click on the text tool

Set up your materials pallet with the foreground color set to dark red, solid color and the background color set to medium red, solid color.

With the text tool, click on the centre of your canvas.







Set the following on the tool options pallet:

Create As = Vector
Font = Gregorian (or any chunky font)
Size = 48
Stroke = 1
Alignment = Centre
Anti-Alias = ticked (set to smooth on PSP 9/X)
Line Style = Solid
Auto Kern = unticked 
Kerning = 120
Leading = -300 (this setting reduces the space between lines of text - if its too small try -150)


Left end of options pallet

Right end of options pallet


Type your text in the text entry box, and click Apply.

Click on the Object Selector Tool (at the bottom of the tool pallet).  In PSP Photo XI click the Picker tool.

Use the centre spot of the text frame to drag the text into the position where you want it.


Selections menu, From Vector Object (you should see marching ants as well as the vector selection frame around your text at this stage)

Layers menu, Convert To Raster Layer.  
The marching ants remain, but the vector selection frame disappears (this step is vital!)




Effects menu, Plugins, Flaming Pear, Super Blade Pro

Click on the Load Preset button as shown below...



Where it says "Look In" at the top, click the down arrow and navigate to the folder where you have unzipped the preset to.

Select the preset "jh_red_text.q5q" and click OK


If you have used a different font, then you may need to adjust the Radius setting at the top a little (+ or - 1 or 2) to get a bevel that looks similar to mine. 


If you want to use this preset with different color text, click the left lighting color block, and select a dark shade of the color text you are using.


Click Apply

Selections menu, Select None.

.....and there you have your gel text.



There is a nice selection of Super Blade Pro presets for text or dingbats at http://pixelating.com/Treasury/Blade/bladeS.htm  With these presets, you have to unzip the file to your Super Blade Pro\Environments and Texures folder and then move the .q5q file up a level to the Super Blade Pro folder.  If you don't do that then when you load the preset, it will give a message that it can't find the bitmaps.  If you need to you can locate the bitmaps each time you use the preset, so long as you remember where you have unzipped them to.