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This tutorial is written for PSP 8, but it should be possible to do it in any version from 7 upwards

Create a new image 250 x 250, raster, white background


Layers menu, New Vector Layer

Click on the Preset Shapes tool


Set the foreground colour to a pale blue, and the background colour to very pale blue (almost white)

Set the background material to Gradient and set the gradient options as follows:

Gradient = Foreground - Background
Style = Linear
Angle = 0
Repeat = 1

From the pull down list of shapes on the Tool Options pallet, select the Rounded Rectangle.  Set the following options:

Retain Style = unticked
Create As Vector = ticked
Anti-Alias = ticked (or set to smooth)
Line Style = Solid
Width = 2


Draw, by dragging diagonally, lots of small squares in a random layout.

Layers menu, Convert To Raster Layer

Effects menu, Reflection Effects, Kaleidoscope - use the following settings:

Horizontal Offset = 0
Vertical Offset = 0
Rotation Angle = Experiment!
Scale Factor = 0 or a little less if necessary
Number of Petals = 12
Number of Orbits = 0
Radial Suction = approx 28 to 35 (Experiment!)
Edge Mode = Repeat


Layers menu, Merge, Merge All (Flatten).

Add whatever text you want, and Save as a .jpg file.