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Tutorial written for PSP 8 but can be done in PSP 7 or 9

Filters used are:

MuRa's Pole Transform and MuRa's Copies - both available HERE They are the two on the right of the block of 4.

Visman Distortion - Radial Pox  - get the whole set HERE

You can download my butterfly tube HERE but you can use any tube you like, that will work as a small item.

In Paint Shop Pro....

New Image 300x 300 pixels, transparent background, Raster

Layers menu, New Raster Layer

Click on your tube tool, and use it to place your tube in the center of the canvas.  Your tube should be no more that a quarter of the height/width of the canvas, so use the Scale option on the Tool Option pallet to reduce its size if necessary. I used my butterfly tube at scale 35.

Click on the bottom layer (Raster 1)

Click on the Flood Fill Tool

Match Mode = None
Blend Mode = Normal
Opacity = 100


Set your foreground color to a dark colour from your tube, and the background colour to a very light shade of the same color (almost white).

Set the foreground material to Gradient and click the Gradient Block to se the gradient options.

Gradient = Foreground - Background
Style = Linear
Angle = 45
Repeats = 7

Click on the canvas to fill the background layer with the gradient.


Effects menu, Plugins, MuRa's Meister, Pole Transform

Y Start = 0
Y End = 200
Centre X = 100
Center Y = 100
Radius Start = 0
Radius End = 140
Angle = 0
Inverse = unticked
Fill Background = tick it and then untick it
Radius Mode = Normal (from the pull down list)


On the Layer Pallet, click on the top layer (Raster 2), which has your tube on it.

Your tube needs to be no more than a quarter of the height/width of the canvas at the most.

Click on the Deformation tool (use Picker tool in PSP Photo XI), and use it to adjust the size of your tube if necessary and move it to just below the center of the canvas.


Effects menu, Plugins, MuRa's Meister, Copies

From the pull-down list (bottom left) select the Spiral preset (its quite a long way down the list, after the items preceded with an *)

Change the following settings:

Number = 14
Shift X = 70
Shift Y = 70
Phase = -40
(you may need to adjust these if you've used a different tube)


this image shows the frame around the butterflies as the deformation tool is still selected.

Layers menu, Duplicate

On the Layer Pallet, click on the middle layer (Raster 2)

Effects menu, Plugins, VM Distortion, Radial Pox

Frequency = 100
Strength = 140
Amplify = 100
Fine Tuning = 30

Image menu, Resize

Height & Width = 90 percent
All Layers = unticked

Image menu, Rotate, Free Rotate

Direction = Right
Degrees = Free 20
All Layers = unticked

Adjust menu, Sharpness, Sharpen


On the Layers Pallet, click on the top layer.

Effects menu, 3D Effects, Drop Shadow

Horizontal = 1
Vertical = 1
Opacity = 50
Blur = 3
Color = Black


Layers menu, Merge, Merge All (flatten)


Add your text in whatever style you like.....

I've used a font called Vivaldi, with a stroke width of 2.  The background color is the same pale pink as used in the gradient, but the foreground (stroke) color is a dark purple from the butterfly wing, which is not so dark as the shade used in the gradient.  With smaller text you will probably find a stroke width of 1 will look better.

I've added the same drop shadow to the text as on the butterfly layer.

If you need help with adding text, then follow my Beveled Text Tutorial (you don't have to add the bevel)

Save as a .jpg file (click the Options  button and make sure the compression factor is set to 1)