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 Tear Drop Tag


Tutorial written for PSP 8, but can be done with version 7 or 9

No Plug-in filters required.

You will need a tear drop preset shape, a tube to put inside the teardrop and a sparkle tube.  

You can download my preset shape HERE (unzip to your Paint Shop Pro 7\Shapes   folder or to My Documents\Paint Shop Pro\Preset Shapes folder if you have versions 8 or 9)

You can download my flower and sparkle tubes HERE (unzip to your tubes folder)


Create a new  image 250x400 transparent background

Layers, New Vector layer

Set both the Foreground and Background materials to white.

Click on the Preset Shapes tool

Select the Tear Drop JH shape from the list

On the Options Pallet, make sure Retain Style is unticked, Anti-Alias is ticked and the Line Style is Solid, width=1

start near the top/left of your canvas and drag diagonally down to the right to draw your tear drop.


Selections menu,  From Vector Object

Layers menu, New Raster Layer

Effects, 3D Effects, Cut Out

Colour #4040FF medium blue(fill with color unticked)

To change the color, click on the color block and then enter the number in the box at the bottom.


Layers menu, New Raster Layer

Effects, 3D Effects, Cut Out

Vertical= -40
Colour #C0FFC0  pale green (fill with color unticked)

Layers menu, New Raster Layer

Effects, 3D Effects, Cut Out

Vertical= -10
Colour #000080 dark blue (fill with color unticked)

On the Layers Pallet:

Turn off the Raster 1 and Vector 1 layers

Click on the Raster2 layer


Layers menu, Merge, Merge visible

On the Layer Pallet, turn Vector 1 layer back on

Click on Vector 1 layer on layer pallet

Layers menu, Convert to Raster Layer

Layers menu, New Raster Layer

Click on the Tube tool - then select the yellow flowers tube from the pull down list on the Options Pallet. Set the Scale to 60  (or use a tube of your choice and experiment to find the right scale setting to fit in the bubble)

Click in the center of the round part of the bubble.


Click on top (Merged) layer on Layer pallet

Layers, New Raster Layer

Click on the Tube tool, and use the pull down list on the Options pallet to find the sparkle tube.   Click on the position show to place the sparkle highlight on the bubble.

Add sparkle tube

Selections, Select None


Selections menu, Select None

Layers, New Vector Layer

Text Tool (looks like a big A)

Set up your Materials/Colour Pallet:

Foreground Colour - dark Blue
Background Colour - Light Blue

Make sure both are set to be Solid colour

Font=Monotype Corsiva, Size 36, Stroke Width 1, Alignment = Centre, Anti-Alias ticked (set to Smooth on V9)

Click on center of tear drop

Enter your name, and click apply

Click on Object Selector tool  (Picker tool in PSP Photo XI)

Stretch the height of the text to about 1 and a half times its original height.




Rotate text about 30 degrees left (anti-clockwise) using the rotation handle.

Stretch the width of the text so that it overlaps the edge of the teardrop by about the width of a letter.

Position the text so that the first letter of our name has its lowest point just inside the edge of the tear shape.



Move your mouse over one of the top corner handles.  Hold down Ctrl key on keyboard and at the same time move the handle inwards to make the text fit the tear drop shape (It gets squeezed in at the top).   You may need to adjust its size, position and rotation slightly as well to make it fit.


When you are happy with the text size/position....


Layers menu, Convert To Raster Layer

Effects, 3D Effects, Inner Bevel

Shape 2 (the quarter circle),
Width = 2 
smoothness = 10
Depth = 2
Ambience = 0
Shininess = 20 
Colour = white 
Angle = 315 
Intensity = 50
Elevation = 30

Effects, 3D Effects, Drop Shadow

Color = White 

(don't forget to change the shadow colour back to black when you use this effect for normal shadows)


Layers menu, Merge, Merge All

Crop and save as .jpg file.