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 Text On A Curve

Tutorial for PSP 8

In this tutorial you will learn how to bend text around a curve.

Add a Vector layer to your image (Layers menu, New Vector Layer)

Click on the Text tool 

 Set up the materials pallet:

On your materials pallet, set the background colour to be the colour of fill you want for your text.

  • If you want to use a colour from your image, choose your colour by clicking the  background colour swatch (not the rainbow) and then move over your image and select your colour with the dropper.

Create The Text

You should already have the text tool selected.

Enter your text in the Text Entry Box.  Highlight the text you have in the box (drag across it with the left mouse button held down).  


Select a font from the pull down list 

Set the size for the text (don't be afraid of using large sizes - 48 or 72)

Stroke width 1

Make sure anti-alias is ticked

Alignment Center

It doest matter if some of the text has disappeared off the edge of the image at this stage.


Draw A Curve:

Click the Preset Shapes tool.

Set the Tool Options as shown here:

Select the Elipse shape and make sure that "Create as vector" is ticked.

Drag diagonally on your image to draw a circle (for a perfect circle hold down the shift key while you are drawing it)

Bend The Text:

Click on the Object Selector Tool (at the bottom of the Tool Palet).  In PSP Photo XI use the Picker tool.

The ellipse (circle) should get a selection box around it like this.  If it doesn't then click somewhere on the curved line.

Point at the spot in the center and drag the shape (hold down your mouse button) to where you want it.

To adjust its size, drag the handles on the corners of the shape in or out diagonally.  


With the Object Selector Tool still selected (or Picker tool), make sure the ellipse (circle) is still selected (if not then click on the curve).  The hold down the SHIFT key on your keyboard (its the one directly under the Caps Lock key) and click on your text.

The selection box should automatically enlarge so that it is around both your text and the ellipse.

The side edges of the selection box might be off the sides of the image like mine are.... that's OK

Click on the Objects menu and choose "Fit Text To Path"

The text will be bent around the curve of the ellipse.

Use the Rotation Handle sticking out from the center of the selection box to rotate the text if necessary.  

Hide The Curve:

On the Layer Pallet, click the + sign next to the Vector Layer.

Click the "eye" on the line for the Ellipse.  This will make the ellipse invisible.

If you want to add a bevel or drop shadow to your text, then convert the Vector Layer to a Raster Layer (Layers menu, Convert to Raster Layer) and continue through the tutorial.  

Note: There is no need for the text to be selected (have marching ants) because it is on its own layer.

Add an Inner Bevel 

Effects menu, 3D Effects, Inner Bevel.   Use the settings shown here.


If you want to save these settings as a preset, click the disk button next to the presets pull down list.   

Once it is saved you will be able to choose these settings by selecting the name you've given them from the Presets list.

To see the effect of the bevel on your image, before applying it, click the eye symbol.  Click it again each time you change a setting to see your image with or without the bevel applied.


Add A Drop Shadow

The shadow makes the text really stand out.

Click the Effects menu, 3D Effects, Drop Shadow

Use these settings:

Vertical=2, Horizontal=2, Opacity=50, Blur=6, Colour=Black

Note: Use higher opacity if your text is on a dark background.

This is how the text should look when its finished.

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