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 Tiled Background

Tutorial for PSP 8


Create a new image 400 x 400 (or whatever size you want) with a White background.
Select a tube which has the colours you want in your background.   I used this one, shown here at 70% but I used it at 100%.

If you want to use this tube, click on the tube picture to download it.  Save it straight to your tubes folder in PSP (no need to unzip first).

Fill the whole of your image with lots of copies of your tube.  
Then go to Effects on the PSP menu, Texture Effects, Mosaic-Antique.  Use these settings.
And there you have the background for a tag.
To make this into a tag, follow the links at the bottom of this and the following tutorials.  

Each section is a mini tutorial, to make it easy to refer back to.

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Adding A Tube Layer