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This tutorial is written for Paint Shop Pro 8, but can be done in versions 9 and X. This tutorial uses the Balls and Bubbles effect - you will need my preset HERE.  Download it and then extract the file to your "My Documents, Paint Shop Pro, Presets" folder.

 For PSP 7 instructions click HERE

Create a new image 450 x 200, white background, raster.

Layers menu, new Vector Layer

Click on the text tool

On the Materials Pallet, set the foreground color to a medium shade of blue, and the background color to null.


Set the following text options:

Create As = Vector
Font = Comic Sans MS
Size = 48
Stroke Width = 2
Anti-Alias = ticked (smooth in PSP 9)
Alignment = Centre
Line Style = Solid
Auto Kern = ticked

Click in the centre of the canvas with the text tool

Enter your text.   If the text fills more than approximately half the width of the canvas, then reduce its size to 36.

When you are happy with the size of the text, click Apply.


image 50% of actual size


Objects menu, Align, Centre In Canvas

Objects menu, Convert Text To Curves, As Character Shapes

Objects menu, Ungroup

Objects menu, Distribute, Space Evenly Horz.


Image 50% of actual size


Layers menu, New Raster Layer

Click on the Selection tool

Selection Type = Circle
Mode = Replace
Feather = 0
Anti-Alias = ticked (smooth)

Point in the centre of the first letter and drag outwards to create a circular selection around the letter.  Make sure your selection finishes a little in from the edge of the canvas.


Effects, Artistic Effects, Balls and Bubbles - select my "bubble - jh" preset from the pull down list,  and click OK.

Do the same with the next letter, creating a selection by starting pointing at its centre and dragging outwards.  The selection should overlap the previous bubble a little. And then apply the Balls and Bubbles effect.

Create a circular selection around each letter in turn, and apply the bubble effect.  When you get to the last letter, make sure you have a space between the edge of the selection and the edge of the canvas.

When you have applied the bubble effect to the last letter, Selections menu, Select None.


Effects menu, 3D Effects, Drop Shadow

Vertical = 0
Horizontal = 0
Opacity = 60
Blur = 20
Colour = Medium Blue (same colour as used for the text)


Crop the image, merge the layers and Save as a .jpg file.