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Glitter Text

This tutorial is written for Paint Shop Pro 8 and Animation Shop.  It should be possible to do in other versions of PSP if you are familiar with them.  In this tutorial I assume you are familiar with using the text tool.

Supplies you will need:

Glitter Tile - Choose one of mine HERE or use my Glitter Tile Tutorial to make your own (or use any glitter tile you have)

Sparkle tube Sparkle_fine2_jh save this directly to your tubes folder (no need to unzip it)


Open both Paint Shop Pro and Animation Shop


In Animation Shop:  

File menu, Preferences, General Program Preferences - check they are set as shown.

If you have had to change the top setting, close Animation shop and then open it up again.

File menu, Open - set the File Type to "Compuserve Graffics Interchange (*.gif)" and open the glitter file you are going to use. 

Edit menu, Select All

File menu, Export Frames, To Paint Shop Pro.


Your screen should switch to viewing your Paint Shop Pro window - where you should be able to see 3 images which are the frames from from the glitter file.

In Paint Shop Pro:

Create a new image 500 x 2 50, Raster, transparent (we will crop it to size later)

Layers menu, New Vector Layer

Click on the Text tool

On the Materials Pallet: Set the foreground material to solid color and set it to a dark shade selected from the glitter.  

Set the background material to pattern and click the pattern block to set the pattern options.

Pattern = Select the 1st glitter image
Angle = 0
Scale = 100


Click on the centre of the canvas with the text tool. 

Set the following on the Tool Options pallet.

Font = any font with thick lines 
(I used Black Chancery)
Size = 72
Stroke width = 1 
Alignment = Centre
Line Style = solid
Auto Kern = ticked

Click on the Object Selector (Picker tool in PSP Photo XI) tool and adjust the size and proportions of the text if you want to.

Objects menu, Align, Centre in Canvas

On the Layers pallet, delete the bottom (raster) layer


Layers menu, Duplicate

Layers menu, Duplicate (to give you 3 layers in total)


On the Layers Pallet, click the + sign on each of the vector layers. You should see your text object on each layer.



On the Layers Pallet, click on the Text Object on the top layer - the line under "Copy (2) of Vector1" 

You should now see (on the layer pallet) that the text objects for the other 2 layers are no longer bold.

Right click the text object for the top layer and select "Edit Text" from the menu.

With the text edit window open, click on the pattern block on the materials pallet.

Click the down arrow alongside the  pattern and select the second pattern image  - Note: the top left image is the current image and the one next to it will be the first image (identical to it) so select the one on the right.

When you have the changed the pattern, click apply on the text edit window.

Repeat the same editing process for the middle layer - selecting the glitter pattern on the 2nd row this time.

On the Layers Pallet, right click on each layer in turn and convert it to a raster layer.

Select each layer in turn and add a drop shadow (Effects menu, 3D Effects, Drop Shadow) - use the following settings:

Horizontal = 1
Vertical = 1
Opacity = 50
Blur = 2
Color = Black

Make sure you use these same settings for the shadow on each layer.   It will look like your shadow is getting darker and darker on your image but it will be OK when the layers get separated into frames for the animation.

If you want to add sparkles to your text, do it at this stage with either a sparkle tube or VM Natural Sparkle filter. - make sure you use different settings/positions for the sparkles on each layer.

Select the Crop tool and crop around your text.  I use the Layer Opaque option on the Options Pallet, then click the tick - but you can do it by eye if you prefer.


File menu, Save As - give the image a name and then pull down the list for "Save As Type" at the bottom and select Animation


Switch windows back to Animation Shop.

Right click on the frames of your glitter tile, and select "Break Links with Paint Shop Pro.  Then click the x to close the file.


File menu, Open - set the File Type to Paint Shop Pro

Locate and open the file you saved from PSP

View menu, Animation (to preview your animation) - if you are happy with the effect you've achieved then continue - if not then go back to psp and see if you can fix whatever is wrong by undoing or adding more sparkles and then resaving the image.

Close the preview window (but not the window with the still frames)

File menu, Optimization Wizard

On the first window, select....

  • Animated Gif  (the top option)
  • Create a new animation from the optimized animation (the bottom option)

Click Next

Push the Quality slider right to the top (best quality)

Click the Customize Button

On the Colours Tab, select 255 colors, Optimized Octree, and Error Diffusion - Don't click OK yet!


Click on the Partial Transparency Tab and select -
  • Convert pixels less than .... opacity to full. 

I've set the number to 25.  Lower numbers give you a smoother edge than higher numbers, but you could get a bigger halo of colour around your image with low numbers.

  • Yes, Blend with this colour (click the color block to select a color)

I've set this to white, but you really need to set it to the same colour as the item will be used on, otherwise you will see a colored halo around the image.

Click on OK

Tick the box for "Use these settings for saving unoptimized files"

Click Next 3 times and then click Finish

View menu, Animation to check how your result looks... if the settings haven't worked as expected, you still have your original file to try some different settings on.


File menu, Save