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 Patterned Frame Tag

This tutorial is written for PSP 8 
but it can be done in versions 7 or 9

To make this tag you will need a seamless pattern tile to fill the border of the tag with.  My Seamless Tiles tutorial is HERE and includes instruction for creating the pattern used for his tag.  You can use any seamless pattern tile to create variations on this tag.  Please feel free to experiment with the ideas I offer.

Make your seamless pattern before starting this tutorial, using the same colors you are using in your gradient for this tag.  The pattern I used in the example above was made on a 100 x 100 pixel canvas.  

Make sure you have your seamless pattern open in PSP when you start work on this tag, and keep it open until you have finished.

You can get the Water Lilly tube I used HERE 

The Font I used is called Renaissance - you can download it HERE

New Image 300 x 300 pixels, transparent background, Raster


Click on the Flood Fill Tool, and the set up your materials pallet:  

Foreground Color - light shade of color

Background color - Dark Shade of color

Set the Foreground material to Gradient, then click the gradient block and set the following options:

Gradient = Foreground - Background
Style = Radial
Angle = 0
Repeats = 3
Centre Point, Horizontal = 50
Centre Point, Vertical = 0

Flood fill the canvas with the gradient.


Selections menu, Select All

Selections menu, Modify, Contract - 45

Selections menu, Invert

Image Menu, Flip


Selections menu, Select All

Selections menu, Modify, Contract - 40

Selections menu, Invert

Image Menu, Flip


Selections menu, Select All

Selections menu, Modify, Contract - 35

Selections menu, Invert

Image Menu, Flip


Selections menu, Select All

Selections menu, Modify, Contract - 30

Selections menu, Invert


If your seamless pattern is not open in PSP, open it now (you can have multiple images open in PSP so you don't have to close the one you are working on - keep them both open)

On the materials pallet, set the Foreground material to the Pattern option.

Then, click on the pattern block, and scroll the list to the top.  You should see your seamless pattern near the top.  Click on it to select it, adjust its scale if you want it smaller and then click on OK.

Flood fill the selection with the pattern.

Selection menu, Select None.


Layers menu, Merge, Merge All (Flatten)

Image menu, Add Borders

Right click on the color block and pick your dark color shade.

Size = 1 pixel   - Symmetric box ticked.


Layers Menu, New Raster Layer

Add your tube to this layer (pale ones seem to work best). You may need to "undo" and adjust the scale of your tube for it to fit in the center square.


On the Layers Pallet, change the blend mode for the top layer to Overlay


Layers Menu, New Vector Layer

Click on the Text Tool

Make sure the "Create As" option is set to Vector

On the materials pallet, swap over  the foreground and background colors and set them both to solid color.

Set the Stroke width to 1

Click you your image wherever you want each line of text (I create each line separately, then use the object selector to move them into position).

Click on the Object Selector tool, and use it to stretch and position each line of text.


When you are happy with your text.....

Layers menu, Convert To Raster Layer
(If your text goes jagged at the edges, undo and repeat the layer conversion again - it seems to work better the 2nd time)

Effects menu, 3D Effects, Drop Shadow

Horizontal = 1
Vertical = 1
Opacity = 55
Blur = 4
Color = Black